Ajax vom Baronenwald – SOLD

About The Dog:

Ajax is a strong black and red imported German Shepherd. His commanding presence attracts everyone’s attention. Ajax possesses not only a stalwart presence but a balanced temperament and disposition. He has the ability to live with a family while providing the protection desired to keep a family safe should the need arise. Ajax lives in the house, has been trained in advanced obedience, is social yet protective. Ajax’s pedigree hosts famous and accomplished German Shepherds such as his sire 2016 VA 15 Thor von der Baiertalderstrasse. Krista Wade had the unique opportunity of meeting Thor while in Germany selecting Ajax last year. Thor is a magnificent German Shepherd with an exceptional temperament and disposition. In addition, Ajax’s pedigree boast such great German Shepherds as VA 1 BSZS Champion Fulz di Zenevredo, VA 1 Oililly von der Piste Trophe and VA 1 BSZS 2007 Champion Pakros d’ Ulmental. Ajax’s intelligence, size, defensive drives, temperament, disposition and presence afford him all the characteristics necessary to be the exceptional family companion/protection German Shepherd that he is.

Special Qualities:


Thor von der Baiertalderstrasse


German Shepherds Training

Willow von der Blautalhalle

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