Apoll von Haus Milmar – SOLD

About The Dog:

Apoll von Haus Milmar was imported from Germany by Happy Valley Kennel. Apoll is a strikingly handsome black and red German Shepherd with a very large broad head. He is a loyal loving gentle giant with a tremendous temperament and disposition coupled with fight drive which contribute to him being an ideal family companion/ personal protection German Shepherd.
Apoll is not only a loyal and protective German Shepherd he has a commanding presence. His large bone and stout structure are coupled with his broad head and chest. Apoll’s stately personality is combined with a wonderful temperament and disposition making him an excellent family companion. 2X World Sieger Remo vom Fichtenschlag, , 2X VA 1World Sieger Vegas du Haut Mansard, VA 1 World Sieger Guccy vom Heinrichplatz, VA 1 World Sieger Parkos D’Umental, and VA 6 Fenia Degli Achei are just a few of the outstanding German Shepherds in Apoll’s linage. Apoll is training for his BH, as well as, protection. In addition he is house and crate trained. Apoll is a loving loyal German Shepherd that is perfectly suited for you as a companion and protector. Schedule a time to meet Apoll by contacting Happy Valley Kennel today.

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