Gerda vom Glücklichen Tal

When HVK owner Krista Wade was selecting a puppy that most embodied Rain vom Glücklichen Tal she nailed it when she selected Gerda vom Glücklichen Tal. Gerda possesses all of her mother Rain’s wonderful qualities.

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Britta vom Glücklichen Tal

Britta comes from a long line of Happy Valley Kennel’s superior German Shepherd genetics. She is the daughter of IGP1 recipient Ulrich vom Bairdhaus Like her sire, Britta is a very balanced German Shepherd.

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Nike vom Glücklichen Tal

Nike is the son of 2014 National Champion Jambo vom Kirchweihtal. Jambo was imported from Germany by Carl Smith, IGP international trainer and handler.

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James von Ungalant

James von Ungalant now resides in Bell Buckle, TN at Happy Valley Kennel. James “Mr. Bond” is a handsome, powerful, and balanced German Shepherd. James is the son of Aik von der ofdener Schlucht and grandson of none other than Bolle Ja Ha Ka.

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Melle vom Heldekotten

Happy Valley kennel is excited to have the opportunity to add Melle vom Heldekotten to our family. Krista Wade had the privilege to travel to Germany in January to bring Melle back to Happy Valley in Tennessee.

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Yara vom Glücklichen Tal

Happy Valley Kennel selected Yara vom Glücklichen Tal from the HVK “Y” litter as a prospective female for their highly selective breeding program. Yara is the daughter of Rain vom Glücklichen Tal.

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Rain vom Glücklichen Tal

Rain is an amazing German Shepherd who has the temperament and disposition that has made her an outstanding service dog. Her sound temperament and solid disposition allow her to handle situations with ease.

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Tango vom Glücklichen Tal

Tango is the granddaughter of HVK's founding German Shepard Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal. She is the daughter of Moxxy vom Glücklichen Tal and Joffre Ad Gür and therefore has inherited their outstanding German Shepherd qualities.

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Ussi vom Glücklichen Tal

Ussi vom Glücklichen Tal is the daughter of Joffre Ad Gür and Ussi von der Baiertalerstrasse who were both imported by owner Krista Wade from Germany.

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