Titan vom Glücklichen Tal – SOLD

Titan is a gentle giant. He is an impressive sable male with a large wide head, deep chest and wide barrel. He has the most loving affectionate personality. He loves children, is loyal and friendly yet has a commanding presence coupled with a strong bark that will stop one in their tracks. Titan loves to train, to hang out the family and play ball. He excels as a family protection K9. Titan is training for his BH.

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Sky vom Glücklichen Tal – SOLD

Sky vom Glücklichen Tal is a daughter of Joffre Ad Gur who Happy Valley Kennel’s owner Krista Wade imported from Germany because of his incredible bloodlines. Joffre is a powerful, strong, courageous bold male. Through Joffre’s genetics Sky carries the genes from these outstanding World Champions ’92 & ’96 Orry v. Haus Antverpa, ’98 Quasy v.d. Bosen Nachbarshaft, ’99 Tom v.t. Leefdalhof and ’00 Asko von der Lutter.

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Unatsi vom Glücklichen Tal – SOLD

If you are looking for a young beautiful black and red German Shepherd for your family Unatsi is the perfect choice. She lives in the house, with other dogs and is excellent with children.

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Ajax vom Baronenwald – SOLD

Ajax is a strong black and red imported German Shepherd. His commanding presence attracts everyone’s attention. Ajax possesses not only a stalwart presence but a balanced temperament and disposition.

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