Christmas Puppies

Christmas Puppies
Who wouldn’t love to have a puppy under the tree at Christmas time? Everyone loves a puppy! Now that you own this new cute bundle of fur you might be asking yourself, “What do I do now and where do I start?”

Let’s start by devising a plan for you and your new puppy. Answering a few simple questions will help you get started:

Where will your puppy live as he or she grows older?
If it is in the house then potty training and house breaking is essential from the very start. If your puppy will be outside most of the time, then provisions need to be made so that the puppy is safe, in a contained area, has ample access to water and a warm dry place to get out of the weather should conditions become unfavorable.

What veterinarian will you take your puppy to?
It is always good to ask other pet owners who they use or recommend as a veterinarian to help you find a veterinarian that will fit you and your dogs needs and budget. Your puppy will need to complete its series of vaccinations.

Find a qualified dog trainer who can help you with behavior problems or questions you might have.
Take obedience lessons from a qualified trainer. An obedient-responsive dog makes owning a canine enjoyable. Trainers will require a copy of your puppy’s shot record as proof of vaccinations to ensure the health of your dog, as well as, other dogs. Generally you can start obedience training classes once the puppy is 12 weeks old and has had all its vaccinations including rabies. A trainer that trains at the owner’s home may start earlier than 12 weeks.

Devising a plan for your puppies future needs will help you be prepared for being a new dog owner. Knowing what to expect will help you start off your new relationship with your puppy on the right paw.

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  1. These puppies are so super cute!!!!!!

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