Dec 11, 2020 – German Shepherd Dog Club of America IGP trial

On December 11, 2020 the Volunteer Schutzhund Club hosted a German Shepherd Dog Club of America IGP trial with SVF Judge Wendell Nope officiating. Krista Wade coached and instructed five students and six dogs for the Begleithundprüfung (BH).Congratulations to the following teams who passed the BH test:

  • Gerry Gregory and Yannick “Hogan” vom Glücklichen Tal
  • Monika Bayer and Yuma von Bairdhaus “Max”
  • Mark Girolmetti and Wroudy Deacon vom Glücklichen Tal
  • Ruth Swann and Beautiful Spirit
  • Kathryn Foster and Venus vom Happy Valley
  • Ruth Swann and Spirit of Maya

Mark and Deacon and Kathyrn and Venus both received perfect scores in the obedience portion of their test. Monika and Max received a near perfect score of 59 in her BH test. Coach Krista is proud of how hard the handlers worked at preparing their German Shepherds for the BH test. HVK was honored to have 3 German Shepherds from their breeding program successfully complete their BH: Gerry and Hogan, Mark and Deacon and Kathryn and Venus. HVK looks forward to watching these six dogs prepare for future IGP titles.
What is the Begleithundprüfung test? It is a test to evaluate a German Shepherd’s (or any breed’s) temperament, disposition, and training ability through an obedience test. The BH consists of two phases. A dog must pass the first phase which is an obedience routine. The obedience routine consists of numerous exercises which include heeling on and off leash, changes of pace, right and left turns, heeling through a group, sit and down out of motion, as well as, a long down under distraction. The dog and handler must achieve a minimum number of points in the obedience phase to progress to the next phase. The final phase is called the traffic phase. This consists of walking past a jogger, a bicycle, and a vehicle while maintaining their composure. The dog must enter a group of people and remain social. the dog is not allowed to become aggressive. The handler must exit the group and leave the dog in a down or sit in the group. The dog must maintain their composure, not be anxious, and cannot leave the group. In addition, the dog must remain calm when a strange dog walks by when the handler is absent. Upon successfully completing the traffic phase the team passes the BH test. A dog must pass a BH before competing for an IGP title.

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