Enjoy 4th of July With Your Furry Friend And Be Safe

Fireworks and Dogs

As our nation’s Birthday approaches, many will find themselves watching fireworks boom overhead. It’s common place to want to enjoy this time of celebration with your canine buddies, as well. As a leading breeder of pure-blooded German shepherds, one of the most iconic breeds of dogs in the world, we feel that it’s our responsibility to remind you of some simple steps to keep you, and your fur pals, safe.


Keep your dog inside while shooting off fireworks


This goes for those dogs that are accustomed to being outside, as well. Though we as humans tend to love the loud explosive sounds, perhaps more so because of what we celebrate, dogs don’t enjoy them at all. In fact, it can cause any dog to have serious panic attacks.

During these panic attacks, dogs will do anything they possible can to get away from it. That’s why animal shelters say that this time of the year is their busiest, because of all the animals they find wondering after getting loose during a firework show. Dogs can break their restraints, jump fences, or anything else they wouldn’t normally do to get away from the sounds.

If you are traveling to a firework show, leave your pet at home. Trust us when I say they will not enjoy it. Between the fireworks and crowds of people, your dog will freak out. Also, leaving them locked in the car is wrong for obvious reasons and in Tennessee it’s against the law.


Do Not put glow sticks on your dog


Yes, they do look cool and yes, your dog will probably be cute with it on. What’s note cute, however, is what happens if your dog decides to make it their next chew toy. The ASPCA says that, while the fluids inside the glow sticks are not extremely toxic, they could still cause symptoms such as drooling and stomach issues.

However, should your dog ingest the plastic portion, the results would result in extreme intestinal blockages. If this does happen, seek out an emergency vet immediately.


Keep all Insect Repellents and Sun screen away from your dog.


Especially on nights where the entire family will be outdoors at dusk, the time mosquitos and bugs are at their worse, it’s common place to have insect repellents and sun screen lying around outside. If your dog begins to play with these brightly colored bottles, the chemicals could cause severe internal injuries. These could include:

  • Respiratory Illness
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive Thirst
  • Neurological issues.

If you suspect your dog has become infected with these chemicals, seek out emergency care immediately. Every minute the chemical is in your dog’s system makes the severity of the injury that much greater.

There are plenty of ways to include your furry pals in on the festivities. If you remain mindful of their safety, you can both have a wonderful time celebrating our Nation’s Birth. Happy Fourth of July from Happy Valley Kennel!


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