Father’s Day For A Dog Lover

Man’s Best Friend On Father’s Day

Is your dad a lover of German Shepherds? If you have a dad that tends to love his furry kids as much as he loves you, perhaps getting him a gift that matches that love would be the best option for this Father’s Day. If so, finding the right gift can be hard, especially for our fathers. This Father’s Day, up your game by getting dad one of these items as his gift. Not only will it express your love for him but show your respect for his love for his fur buddy.

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of some awesome items that would make amazing Father’s Day gifts. If you get pops one of these, he is bound to appreciate the consideration and care you put into it.

Heroes Dog Ball Launcher-$14.95  *Amazon affiliate link.

Getting this gift for your dad will equal to countless hours shared between he and his furry pal. It does more than justthrow a ball really far. Also, it can be used for tug-of-war, retrieving the ball, and as a reward for good behavior.

This ball system helps in training a dog by curving unwanted behavior and rewarding positive. Not only that, it will help build, and sustain, a bond between your dad and the dog that will last a lifetime. What greater gift could there be.

Dog Training Classes

If your dad has been talking about how much he would like to have his dog professionally trained, purchasing the training courses from Happy Valley Kennel is the right choice. Happy Valley offers obedience courses for all stages of a dog’s training. From puppy on through adult hood, the dog will receive the training it needs to be the perfect member of the family.

Though Happy Valley raises German Shepherds, their training programs are offered for a vast array of dogs. From Retrievers to dachshunds, and everything in between, many dogs, and their owners, have gone through the courses and come out on the other side extremely satisfied with their results.

A New Dog!

No, it may not sound as good as when Bob Parker shouted, “A New Car” on The Price is Right, but to father who can’t seem to quit talking about how much he wants a new dog, there’s no better gift. Happy Valley Kennel breeds only the purest of German Shepherds. The dogs bred by Happy Valley have a bloodline that reaches back to Germany, the Netherlands, and Hungary as they have striven to keep their dogs as pure as possible.

This pure bloodline has proven to produce dogs that not only have an even temperament but are trainable, as well. Dogs bred and trained at Happy Valley have gone on to become personal companion pets, search and rescue dogs, as well as drug dogs for law enforcement.

Nothing shows your dad you love and appreciate him more than sharing in his love for the furry kid of the family. This Father’s Day, show dad you do pay attention to his wants, even though it doesn’t seem like it most times.

Happy Father’s Day from Happy Valley Kennel!

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