German Shepherd Dog

The Benefits of Choosing a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog, or GSD for short, is actually the full breed name in English. It has been recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) since 1908. You can recognize the GSD by its upright ears, even as puppies, sloping body line of a lower rear than front, and its long coat. These dogs are part of the herding breeds, yet now most often work in police, military, service animal and personal protection roles. They are especially loyal to their human family members, but serious committed training and socialization are required for them to be a complete success as family dogs.

German Shepherd Dog Intelligence

The Border Collie and Poodle are recognized as number one and two for the most intelligent domesticated dog breeds. The GSD is third. What sets the GSD apart from the other top intelligent breeds is its large size, strength and ability to learn by shaping. Modern dog training methods include what is called shape training, or behavior shaping. This type of training utilizes the dog’s ability to figure things out. Highly complex training can be accomplished in GSDs due to their quickly grasping of what you want them to do when it is broken down into steps.

German Shepherd Dog - AdultFamily Protection

You may want a dog for family protection yet is safe around kids or even around other dogs at the Murfreesboro dog park a few miles north of Belt Buckle, Tennessee. Every dog from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers can bite their owners, family members or other dogs. Properly socialized and trained GSDs raised from puppies with your family are incredibly loyal and safe. The breed temperament makes them wary of strangers, and this is a benefit for a dog that will serve as a family watchdog. Trained German Shepherd Dogs are only aggressive on command and are less likely to bite than other dogs that have not been trained.

GSD Service Animals

Though Labrador Retrievers are currently the most popular breed for seeing eye dogs, the German Shepherd Dog still serves in all service animal roles, including hearing, mobility, diabetic alert and even psychiatric service animal roles. Their intelligence and loyalty also offer protection to those with disabilities who could be more vulnerable in public or at home. GSD size and strength are benefits to those needing a physical assistance service animal. The trainability of the GSD makes them well suited to serve in any service animal role.

If you are committed to having a dog to train to become a loved and valuable member of your family, then a German Shepherd Dog will be a benefit to you, your family and your home. Their long coats require thorough weekly brushing to control shedding, and GSDs need a moderate amount of daily exercise activity. If you choose to become a GSD owner, you are choosing one of the most recognized breeds available. Raising and training a GSD from a puppy is an extremely rewarding experience for the whole family. Just be certain to choose your GSD from a highly reputable breeder to avoid things such as hip dysplasia and other conditions more common to large breed dogs, GSDs in particular.

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