Havoc vom Glücklichen Tal – BH – RETIRED

  • Female
  • Born on April 2011

About The Dog:

Havoc demonstrates the characteristics of a well rounded German Shepherd. She has the fight and prey drive for protection, the temperament and disposition to live with a family and the food drive to make training for obedience or tracking easy. She has a trainable attitude, enjoys learning and loves to work. Havoc is extremely loyal like her dam Sybill. We appreciate Dr. West’s family partnering with Happy Valley Kennel’s breeding program.

Special Qualities:

  • Loves to Work; Trainable Attitude
  • Sound Temperament and Disposition
  • High Fight and Prey Drive
  • Personal Protection
  • Loving and loyal personality


German Shepherds

Berlin vom Glücklich Tal, WUSV, 2012 Vice-Sieger, IPO 3


Sybill vom Grysycos, IPO 3, AWDF Champion IPO 2 – Hungarian Import

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