HVK “C2” Litter – SOLD

About The Puppies:

Umbra vomGlucklichen Tal possess an outstanding temperament and disposition traits she has genetically passed on her offspring in HVK’s “C2” litter. Umbra is the daughter of German imported parents Ussi von der Baiertalerstrasse and Joffre Ad Gur. Ussi and Joffre are the product of years of selective breeding in Germany. Happy Valley Kennel has had the unique opportunity to infuse these genetics into their breeding program. The “C2” litter was a carefully planned breeding to produce desirable characteristics that German Shepherds are known to possess.

Umbra vomGlucklichen Tal has the patience of her mother Ussi, along with the phenotype of her sire Joffre which is very commanding and strong. Umbra has the loving affectionate temperament of both her parents yet is loyal and protective. Umbra has been an excellent mother with natural maternal instincts and more than enough milk. Umbra’s calm demeanor is also evident in her sibling who have become PTSD dogs, SAR and Service dogs for the physically impaired.

Ulrich vomBairdhaus the sire of the “C2” litter exhibits a balanced temperament and disposition. He is gentle with children and the elderly yet can be fierce when threatened. He is agile, quick, learns quickly and possess a happy trainable attitude. Ulrich’s favorite past time to have his puppies chase him or to crawl all over him. If you are looking for a balanced well tempermented German Shepherd for your family that will be loyal, loving and protective then contact Krista today to schedule a time to meet these outstanding puppies.




Ussi vom Glücklichen Tal

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