Moxxy vom Glücklichen Tal – RETIRED

About The Dog:

As a daughter of Berlin, Moxxy, inherited her sire’s drives, working attitude, along with, his outstanding temperament and disposition. Her outstanding genetic foundation can be seen in her progeny. Moxxy is an example of Berlin’s strong genetics. Moxxy has the intense drives desired in a German Shepherd yet easily lives with the family. Moxxy has a willing attitude, loves to work and train. Her trainable disposition and desire to learn make her a pleasure to train. She has been involved in the 4-H dog project. She has taught many young people how to train dogs from the college students attending Middle Tennessee State University Animal Behavior class to 4- H members to young girls attending MTSU’s EYH conference. Moxxy possesses very strong maternal instincts raising her German Shepherd puppies with the best of care! We are proud to have Moxxy in our breeding program passing on Berlin’s genetics to the next generation. Moxxy – OFA Hips- Good

Special Qualities:


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Berlin vom Glucklich Tal- USA WUSV Championship, 2012 Vice-Sieger National Champion, IPO 3


Aika vom Haus Enrenreich - German Import

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