Celebrate National Volunteer Month By Supporting Shelters

Supporting Shelters for National Volunteer Month

dog giving a lookApril is National Volunteer Month, so it’s a great time to jump into a new volunteer opportunity, supporting shelters. Choosing a position that matches your interests is the most fun and sustainable way to get started, so consider volunteering for a local animal shelter. Even if you only get your personal pets from a good German Shepherd breeder like Happy Valley Kennel, working with rescued dogs is enjoyable and rewarding.

Get Some Exercise

Walking and socializing dogs is a common volunteer job, and it can be a fun way to give back to your community. In addition to the simple pleasure of helping homeless dogs get out of their kennels and enjoy some much-needed love and attention, walking shelter dogs can be a great way to practice the skills you’ve learned from your German Shepherd Trainer. Volunteer dog walkers also typically have a lot of flexibility in their schedules, so it’s a good option for busy people.

Work Behind the Scenes

Many rescues and shelters rely on volunteers for everything from processing paperwork to cleaning kennels. If you prefer a more low-key job, consider offering your time handling administrative or maintenance duties. It may not be glamorous, but it serves an essential function. Skilled organizers are often particularly useful during fundraising or adoption events, which can be chaotic and difficult to pull off without someone focusing on the details. If you have experience with grant writing or other fundraising techniques, you may be particularly valuable to small or struggling rescues.

Get Creative

If you’re the artistic type, you can put those skills to work in a way that builds your portfolio while also helping homeless dogs. Supporting shelters is great whether it’s creating a website, taking professional-quality photographs or writing stellar marketing materials, your talents could help homeless dogs get adopted, especially if you can find a way to show off each dog’s unique personality to potential adopters.

Choose the Right Rescue

Almost all animal rescues rely heavily on volunteer support, so most areas have plenty of volunteer possibilities. If you’re particularly keen on working with German shepherds, consider working with a breed rescue. Your German shepherd breeder or breed club is a good place to find recommendations.

Of course, all dogs deserve a good, loving home and a decent chance in life. City or county shelters are often overwhelmed with animals, and there are many all-breed private rescues as well. Spend some time researching the rescue and getting a feel for the atmosphere, but working with a variety of breeds is fun and rewarding.

Volunteering is an excellent way to have fun, meet new people and give back to your community at the same time. Whether you’re a skilled German shepherd trainer or you’re still dreaming about getting your first dog, volunteering at an animal shelter can expand your horizons and improve the lives of countless dogs.

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