What better gift for your mom than a schutzhund trained dog?

Need a schutzhund trained dog for mother’s day?

When it comes to gifts for mom few things to a schutzhund trained dog. This has been a prestigious sport in the German Shepherd dog world since the early 1900’s and only the best trained dogs dare compete.

Happy Valley Kennel offers intensive training honing in on obedience, tracking and protection. For a dog to achieve this title it is the highest compliment to them, their trainer, their owner and to the breed itself. This is one of the very few times you will train a dog to utilize aggression, and to see this breed be able to take commands even while highly excited is a marvel as well as a glimpse into the sheer brilliance of the breed.

With that being said training the dog in aggression will not make them become any more aggressive. It will simply help them follow commend better even if they become aggressive. This is a great quality both on and off of the showroom floor.


Let’s say your mother is not the show dog type, but she has a German Shepherd that she adores… an intruder breaks in, and her dog becomes very protective. The dog, even in the height of emotion, will obey your mother because of the intensive schutzhund training.


The word schutzhund simply means protection. Having the dog in control, knowing when to bite, attack, retreat etc. is essential to maintaining control in any and all situations. Lets face it, German Shepherds already face a phantom legacy of being a dangerous breed. They are not dangerous unless they are not trained or are improperly handled. There are the most loyal and one of the smartest breeds available to us making great protectors and amazing friends.

This type of training taps into the German Shepherds natural instincts to serve and protect. Not only does it make them easier to handle, but it also makes them happier as they can reach their full potential. It makes them far better companions as well. While other dogs have been subject to this type of training, German Shepherds are essentially the best breed for it, and the standards are set much higher because of their limitless potential.

This is a great opportunity to gain a step up in the show world or as a breeder as well. This affluent pedigree equipped with the right training is simply untouchable. It demonstrates so much of the dogs natural ability, obedience and usefulness in private or in front of the most persnickety of judges.

Training Available

Happy Valley Kennel proudly trains and breeds some of the finest German Shepherd dogs for private ownership or show purposes and even for law enforcement. Everything from beauty to obedience and temperament is carefully selected and considered throughout the process which is thorough. They are committed to excellence rather it be breeding or training.

If you are interested in getting a German Shepherd dog or in schutzhund training contact Happy Valley Kennel today for more information.

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