Sybill vom Grysycos – IPO 3, AWDF, UScA & GSDCA-WDA Nationals – Founding Dog 2002-2015

  • Female
  • Born on May 2002
  • OFA Good
    Elbows Normal

About The Dog:

HVK owner Krista Wade states, “Sybill was so much fun to train. It was her goal to please and do whatever was asked of her.” She gave 100% in everything she did. In addition to her speed, quick reaction time, agility and enthusiasm Sybill loved to track and excelled in protection, receiving a standing ovation at the 2006 UScA Nationals. Along with a very successful working career, Sybill’s strong maternal instincts aided her in raising wonderful puppies. Her offspring have her wonderful temperament and disposition, in addition to, her drive. Her progeny have become sport dogs, detector dogs and personal protection dogs. Sybill was the most loyal of German Shepherds. Sybill loved Krista and their boys beyond measure. She lived on their farm helping raise Happy Valley Kennel’s young German Shepherds, Wire-Haired Dachshunds and children. HVK will forever be thankful for the lasting impact Sybill made .


– 2007 GSDCA-WDA Nationals

-2006 UScA German Shepherd Nationals

-2006 AWDF National Champion- IPO 2

-2006AWDF National Championship High Female Handler

-2006 AWDF National Championship Breed Team Champions

Special Qualities

  • Loyal, Trustworthy
  • Athletic, Agile
  • Exceptional temperament and disposition
  • Excellent Family Protection


Wero von den Wannaer Höhen, SchH3


Gora vom Mutzbach - IPO 1


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