Tango vom Glücklichen Tal

About The Dog:

Tango is the granddaughter of HVK’s founding German Shepard Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal. She is the daughter of Moxxy vom Glücklichen Tal and Joffre Ad Gür and therefore has inherited their outstanding German Shepherd qualities. Tango possesses not only food drive and hunt drive but fight drive as well. Her bloodlines include such phenomenal dogs as 1992/1996 WUSV World Champion Belgium and FCI Champion Orry v. Haus Antverpa, 1998 WUSV World Champion Quasy v.d. Bösen Nachbarschaft, 1999 WUSV World Champion Tom v.t. Leefdoalhof and 2000 WUSV World Champion Akso v.d. Lutter. Tango is on the path to follow in the footstep of her parents and grandparents. Tango has earned her BH and is on track to earn her future IGP title.  

Special Qualities