Venus vom Happy Valley

  • Female
  • Born on 29 April 2018
  • HD “A” ED Normal

About The Dog:

Venus vom Happy Valley is the daughter of Roscoe Jenkins and Luna vom Glücklich Tal. She is the granddaughter of HVK’s founder sire Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal. Like her grandfather and mother Luna, she inherited their intense drives and working ability. Her mother Luna dominated the Schutzhund field with her presence and drive while her balance temperament and disposition allowed her to switch gears to also be an excellent executive family protection German Shepherd.

Roscoe is a powerful German Shepherd who has a full hard grip. His extreme drives have been passed onto Venus. Both Luna and Roscoe have earned their IPO 3 titles. Venus’ future is bright, she embodies all the characteristics and genetics that made Berlin an exceptional and highly accomplished German Shepherd.

Special Qualities

  • Extreme Drive
  • Trainable Attitude
  • Intense Focus
  • Balanced Temperament, Disposition