Woman and K-9 Companions – Womens History Month

Women and K-9 Companions Have Quite the History

Did you know that the German Shepherd Dog is considered to be one of the best breeds for a female to own. These animals are amazingly smart and dedicated even until their last breath. There truly is no other breed like them. If you are a woman, especially a woman living alone, this is the best security you can ask for. These dogs will die for you without hesitation as their loyalty knows no bounds.

When looking for your K9 companion make sure that you find a good German Shepherd breeder. These animals retain everything. You want to make sure that you are getting one that has some training and has had human interaction. It is always best to get them young and raise them yourself. When a German Shepherd bonds, it bonds for life. A German Shepherd breeder knows this and instills good behavior practices early on.

There are a lot of female German Shepherd Dog breeders out there. If you are a woman seeking a K9 companion the getting a dog from one of them is optimal as they are used to a female lead. These are strong willed animals, so them seeing the female companion as leader is essential. Whether you want one for protection or to take to the best dog shows this is going to be a critical aspect to consider. Happy Valley Kennel is woman owned and Krista is an award winning German Shepherd breeder and trainer.

German Shepherds have been protecting women and winning dog shows as early as the 1800’s when the first registered German Shepherd was birthed. In the early 1900’s The German Shepherd Dog Club held their first specialty show. The breed gained fame after WWI ended and the stories surfaced of how they fiercely fought alongside soldiers dying to protect them. They have shown the same love, loyalty and dedication to their owners and families throughout the years since.

Famous German Shepherd Owner

So that others may live - women and k-9 companionsOne story and dog truly speaks out throughout recent history. A woman named Caroline Hebard owned a well known K9 by the name of Pascha. If you do not already know about this amazing duo, Pascha was a male German Shepherd who not only served as a rescue dog after the Bombings in Oklahoma city, but she also worked the Kobe, Japan earthquake in 1995 as well as the aftermath of Hurricane Opal in Florida to name a few.

Caroline Hebard was the daughter of a diplomat. She traveled throughout her life due to her fathers chosen profession. She longed for companionship, and as the daughter of a diplomat the need for increased protection was a necessary part of her life. A German Shepherd was the perfect solution to both needs in Caroline’s life.

Caroline was an animal lover in every sense of the word. She cared for her dogs and spent a great amount of time training them. She joined forces with groups who began to train their German Shepherd dogs to follow human scents live and deceased. They trained their dogs to rescue and recover, whatever the case may be. There was a book published in honor of her life’s passion and work called “So That Others May Live: Carolyn Hebard and Her Search-and-Rescue Dog.” It was co-written by Caroline Hebard in partnership with Hank Whittemore, then the book was published by Bantam Books in the late 90’s.

She and her German Shepherds are known for amazing things, and this is a true testimony of friendship, dedication and loyalty as well as why a German Shepherd is the perfect K9 companion for a woman today.

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