2010 WDA Nationals

Happy Valley Kennel’s origin is based on owner Krista Wade’s passion and heart for dogs coupled with a natural gift to teach not only dogs, but people as well. We specialize in breeding, training and selecting German Shepherds with well-balanced dispositions, temperaments, high drives from solid proven bloodlines. All of our working shepherds are suitable for Schutzhund sport, service dogs, as home security or companion dogs. We are located in the rolling hills of Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Happy Valley Kennel’s foundation is rooted in its passion for excellent Germany Shepherds and education for not just the dog but for the owner as well. Our breeding program concentrates on mating German Shepherds that will fit a variety of needs. Breedings are carefully selected and the males and females are evaluated to ensure that their genetics, temperaments, dispositions and abilities fit our high standards.


Happy Valley Kennel believes that education and training are essential to effective communication. Our education and training programs are not limited to German Shepherds. All breeds and sizes of dog are encouraged to participate in our programs. Because dogs do not have a voice like their human counterparts they must communicate in other ways. Owners need the tools and information to successfully communicate their wants and desires to their dog. Happy Valley Kennel’s education and training programs are designed for the owner, as well as, the dog.


Through our education and training programs we can teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog and teach your dog how to understand your wants and desires. The reality is you can have an obedient dog that listens and responds on command. An obedient dog is a pleasure to own, be with and to work with. Happy Valley Kennel can also assist you in choosing the right German Shepherd for you and your family. Whether it is a puppy, young started or finished dog, a Schutzhund sport dog, search and rescue dog or a service dog, we can help you select the right German Shepherd that fits your specific needs.

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