The foundation for Happy Valley Kennel’s breeding program is rooted in its passion for excellent German Shepherds. Our program is built on breeding German Shepherds with superior genetics. Happy Valley Kennel is devoted to producing German Shepherds with well-balanced dispositions and temperaments coupled with drive and trainability.

From its inception, Happy Valley Kennel has based its breeding program on imported German Shepherds from solid proven bloodlines. Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary are some of the countries our breeding stock has originated from. Captain Max vom Stepanitz, from Germany, set the standard for the German Shepherd breed. It is our desire to maintain that standard of conformation combined with working ability in Happy Valley Kennel’s breeding program.

Happy Valley Kennel continues to refine its breeding program by breeding German Shepherds with solid proven bloodlines. Breedings are carefully selected based on their bloodlines, performances, generational drives and temperaments. Selected breeding males and females are evaluated to ensure that their genetics, temperament, disposition and abilities fit our high standards. Happy Valley Kennel’s breeding males and females are rated according to the “A” stamp program in Germany or by the Orthopedic Foundation Association (OFA).

Happy Valley Kennel’s breeding program concentrates on breeding German Shepherds that exhibit outstanding temperaments, dispositions, conformation and working ability that enable them to serve in diverse areas.

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