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Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal, WUSV, Vice-Sieger GSDCA-WDA, IPO 3 – Founding Dog 2005-2018

Berlin vom Glücklichen Tal, WUSV, Vice-Sieger GSDCA-WDA, IPO 3 – Founding Dog 2005-2018

2 Black Females
1 Black Male

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Berlin is the German Shepherd who encompasses all the wonderful traits of the German Shepherd breed. His exceptional temperament affords him the opportunity to participate in dog demonstrations. His power, courage & intensity grabs everyone’s attention when he strides onto the schutzhund field. Owner, Krista Wade is proud of all that she and Berlin have accomplished over the years. He has been the perfect dog on and off the field. Krista purchased Berlin at 7 months of age noticing raw potential that through many hours and days of training Krista and Berlin have honed to excellence. She and Berin earned many “V” rated scores when competing.

Berlin was High in Protection in 2012, 2011 with a score of 100 pts, and in 2011. In 2013 He earned High in Obedience. Berlin is an athlete who performs at the highest level always giving 110% no matter the heat, weather or conditions Berlin is much beloved by Krista, her family, and HVK friends. He is the founding sire of many of Happy Valley Kennel’s breeding German Shepherds. As a sire, Berlin has reproduced his strong genetic drive, temperament, disposition and intensity. His offspring possess his willingness to work, as well as, his trainability. Happy Valley Kennel has watched is offspring succeed in many different venues from schutzhund, search and rescue, scent detection to family protection and companion dogs. OFA Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal.

Special Qualities:

 Explosive Power
 Agile, Athletic
 Full Hard Grips
 Structural Correctness, Large Bone & Head
 Kind Loving Temperament & Disposition


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