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Born on 29 August, 2019

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Carina vom Happy Valley is a beautiful black and tan female whose mother is Umbra vom Glucklichen Tal. Umbra is the daughter of Ussi von der Baiertalerstrassse who HVK owner Krista Wade imported from Germany for the HVK breeding program. Ussi is the daughter of VA2 Tema Malboro Kashmir. Umbra’s sire is Joffre Ad Gur another outstanding German Shepherd Krista imported from Germany. Joffre’s pedigree hosts 4 WUSV Champions, Orry v Haus Antverpa, Quasy v.d. Bosen Nachbarschaft, Tom v.t. Leefdoalhof and Akso v.d. Lutter. Joffre now resides in Tanzania.

Carina’s sire Ulrich von Bairdhaus is the grandson of Javir vom Talka MArda. Ulrich is a beautiful bi-colored German Shepherd whose always had an attitude to please. Ulrich and Krista competed in IGP. Ulrich possess an outstanding temperament and disposition that is coupled with toy and fight drive. Ulrich loves people and hanging out on the farm helping raise German Shepherd puppies.

Carina inherited her parents wonderful temperament and disposition. She balances temperament and disposition with her natural drives. She loves to play with her ball, loves to train, take walks or just hang out with the family. She is house broken, spayed and knows all of her obedience commands which were taught to her in German. She is protective and loyal to her family.

If you are looking for a loyal German Shepherd that has the balance of temperament, drive and protection than Carina is the German Shepherd for your family. Contact Krista Wade today to schedule a time to meet Carnina.


Ulrich von Bairdhaus


Umbra vom Glucklichen Tal

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