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Demi von der Baiertalerstrasse

Demi von der Baiertalerstrasse

Born on March 15, 2019
BLK & Red
German Import
Temperament WB test
SV HD A Fast Normal
SV ED Normal

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Demi von der Baiertalerstrasse is the daughter of 2019 BSZS VA4Thiago von der PisteTrophe and VA 4 Tinkerbell von der Baiertalerstrasse. Demi possess the genetics from a long line of superior bloodlines in Germany. Happy Valley Kennel appreciates the opportunity to integrate these amazing genetics into their breeding program. Demi’s impressive predigree also includes such great German Shepherds as VA 1 Willy vomKuckucksland, VA (ARG, MEX, SWE) Opus v. Radhaus, 2 x VA1 Remo vomFichtenschlag, VA22 BSZS 2013 MillavomKuckucksland, VA5 UScAUniveralSieger 2014 Hillary von der PisteTrophe, VA (BSZS, ITA) Futz di Zenevredo and VA 1 Oililly von der PisteTrophe.
Demi is a beautiful black and red German Shepherdwho is structurally balanced. She is intelligent and will to work. Her desire to please her handler makes her a pleasure to train. She bonded quickly with Krista upon arriving in the United States from Germany. Demi is loyal to her family and affectionate
Happy Valley Kennel is always searching for genetics that will positively influence their breeding program. Demi will have a positive impact the German Shepherd puppies produced at Happy Valley Kennel.

Special Qualities:

 Loving &Affectinate
 Excellent Maternal Instinct

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