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James von Ungalant

James von Ungalant

Born on 31 October 2019
SV - HD "A"
Stamp SV - ED - Normal

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James von Ungalant now resides in Bell Buckle, TN at Happy Valley Kennel. James “Mr. Bond” is a handsome, powerful, and balanced German Shepherd. James is the son of Aik von der ofdener Schlucht and grandson of none other than Bolle Ja Ha Ka.

James’ mother, Funny von Ungalant, is an amazing German Shepherd. Funny’s bloodlines combine qualities from such outstanding German Shepherds as Tom von der Abfuhr, Troll van der bosen Nachbarshaft, Gildo vom Korbelbach, Ora, and Xando von Kathargo, Arek vom Stoffelbluck, Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, Verein von Blütsaerd and Faso von Karthago.

James is always eager to work, is loyal, and intelligent. His strong desire to please is coupled with a calm, balanced, and full grip. Happy Valley Kennel appreciates breeder Daniela Thoring for entrusting James in our care. A special thank you to Sabine for the many hours she dedicated to imprinting correct behavior at a young age. James has a bright future ahead of him. It is a pleasure to enter this journey with such a clever German Shepherd.

Special Qualities:

 Extreme Drives
  Intense, Powerful
 Gentle Giant

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