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Mariah vom Glucklichen Tal- Hunting lines

Mariah vom Glucklichen Tal- Hunting lines

Born on July 2013
2 Black Females
1 Black Male
$ 5,000

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Mariah vom Glucklichen Tal is the daughter of our founding female Wire-Haired Dachshund Paula vom Fallbachtal imported from Germany by owner of Happy Valley Kennel, Krista Wade. Mariah has an exceptional temperament and disposition. She is a beautiful wild boar Wire-Haired Dachshund with a desired coat, structure and conformation. Mariah is excellent with children and loves to be the center of attention at 4-H and community dog demonstrations. Mariah was selected at a young age to continue the German genetics in HVK’s breeding program. Her strong maternal insticts make her an exceptional mother. Her progeny have excelled in AKC conformation, as well as, in companion homes.  Mariah is a part of our family and loves living on the farm.

Special Qualities:

 Loyal, Trustworthy
 Athletic, Agile
 Excellent Family Companion
 Genetic Hunting Instinct

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