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WHD – “E” Litter

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WHD – “E” Litter

Born on 9 May, 2020
1 Red Female
1 Red Male

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Mariah vom Glücklichen Tal is a wild boar Wire Hair Dachshund whose mother Paula vom Fallbachtal was imported from Germany when HVK owner Krista Wade was in Germany evaluating and selecting dogs. Mariah has a wonderful temperament and disposition coupled with a natural drive to hunt which comes from her German hunting bloodline. Grand Champion Eastwinds DB the vet is Mariah’s sire. DB has been very successful in the show ring.

The sire of the “E” litter is none other than Champion Eastwind Ships Klaus to Shoreland. Klaus is a beautiful miniature red WHD. He too has been successful in the show ring.

The “E” litter will possess hunt drive, as well as, correct conformation. The puppies in this litter were whelped in our kitchen on the farm and live in the house with our family. They are well socialized being exposed to not only people of all ages but to all the animals on our farm including cows, a lab, and German Shepherds.

If you are looking for a WHD with an exceptional temperament and disposition, as well as, possessing a thick undercoat then contact us to secure a puppy from the “E” litter.