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Yara vom Glücklichen Tal

Yara vom Glücklichen Tal

Born on 14 April 2019
SV - HD "A"
Stamp SV - ED - Normal

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Happy Valley Kennel selected Yara vom Glücklichen Tal from the HVK “Y” litter as a prospective female for their highly selective breeding program. Yara is the daughter of Rain vom Glücklichen Tal. Rain is an amazing German Shepherd who has the temperament and disposition that has made her an outstanding service dog. Her sound temperament and solid disposition allow her to handle situations with ease. Yara possesses Rain’s outstanding characteristics. She is the granddaughter of Ussi vom Baiertalerstrasse imported from Germany. Ussi is a beautiful black and tan German Shepherd from the amazing lines of VA 3 Team Malboro Kashmir and Pink von der Baiertalerstrasse. Ussi lives with 3 young children and is a wonderful executive family companion protection German Shepherd. Yara is the granddaughter of German import Joffre Ad Gür, a powerful, stout, muscular black and tan (bi-color) German Shepherd. Joffre possesses a broad large head with a wide chest and large barrel for capacity, he has extreme drive for the toy coupled with defensive drive. He is a natural tracker with a true intensity for the track. In addition to his natural food, prey and fight drives Joffre has a wonderful temperament and disposition that he genetically passes on to his offspring.

Ulrich von Bairdhaus “Rowdy”, a strikingly handsome bi-colored German Shepherd is Yara’s sire. Rowdy is the grandson of Javir vom Talka Marda and Ernst vom Weinbergblick exhibiting exceptional drives in all three phases. He is a strong agile male with a powerful calm, full, hard grip. In addition to his tremendous drives he has very strong sound nerves, is social, loves children and possesses an outstanding temperament and disposition.

Happy Valley Kennel is looking forward to Yara’s future in our breeding program.

Special Qualities:

 Balanced temperament, disposition
 Food, Prey Drive
 Eager to learn and please

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