Joffre Ad Gür – German Import – RETIRED

  • Male
  • Born on June 2013
  • OFA Excellent

About The Dog:

Joffre has a commanding presence both on and off the schutzhund field. His incrediable pedigree boast 4 World Champions. He is agile, athletic and has a full hard grip.

Such spectacular males as 1992, 1996 WUSV World Champion Belgium and FCI Champion Orry v. Haus Antverpa, 1998 WUSV World Champion Quasy v.d. Bösen Nachbarschaft, 1999 WUSV World Champion Tom v.t. Leefdoalhof and 2000 WUSV World Champion Akso v.d. Lutter are all sires in Joffre’s pedigree. In addition, Joffre’s impeccable bloodlines host Ellute von der Mohnwiese, Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, Troll v.d. Bösen Nachbarschaft and Fado vom Karthago. Joffre is a wonderful addition to our continual goal of improving our bloodlines to produce the ideal German Shepherd. Joffre’s drive, intensity, focus, power, temperament, structure, conformation and willingness to work is evident in his offspring. Joffre possess as large board head coupled with large bone and structural correctness. He has a very kind, loving, friendly disposition. Happy Valley Kennel has been thrilled to see Joffre’s offspring excel as therapy dogs, in SAR, on the schutzhund field and in family homes. Joffre OFA Hips- Excellent     Elbows-Normal/Good

Special Qualities:

  • Explosive Power
  • Agile, Athletic
  • Full Hard Grips
  • Structural Correctness, Large Bone & Head
  • Kind Loving Temperament & Disposition


Neo vom Grenzlager
2015 & 2016 USA WUSV Team Member, IPO 3, KK1 German Import


Cloudy L Malinovej- SVV1


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